Fabrication and Erection

Along with Supply of quality products ; Banglamark Corporation is also capable of conducting construction and erection projects .

Banglamark service team consist of experienced and skilled personnel. Some of our service team member was trained by renowned companies.

Our organization is backed by efficient personnel that ensure timely execution of offered services. All our team members are well versed with the industry laid parameters and ensure to render services accordingly.

Below are the segments where we perform our fabrication & erection projects:

-Power Plant

-LNG Plant

-LPG Plant

-Edible Oil Refinery

-Water treatment & Effluent treatment Plant

-Other Civil works


**Qty: 2 no’s Capacity: 1,800 Ton (LPG Tank)

Qty: 1 no’s Capacity: 1,500 Ton (Propane Tank)

Design pressure: 15 bar (For LPG)Design pressure: 17.5 bar (For Propane)

**Qty: 2 no’s Capacity: 2,000 Ton Design pressure: 15 bar Thickness: 33 mm

**Qty: 2 no’s Capacity: 1,500 Ton Design   pressure: 15 bar ;Thickness: 33 mm

**Qty: 1 no’s & Cap.: 2,500 Ton Design pressure: 14.3 bar Thickness: 37mm

**Qty: 2 no’s & Capacity: 2,000T Design pressure: 13 bar,Thickness: 36 mm

**Qty: 2 no’s Capacity: 1,500 & 2,000 T, pressure: 15.3 bar, Thickness: 35 mm

**Qty: 1 no’s & Capacity: 2,000 T, Design pressure: 15 bar, Thickness: 36 mm

**Qty: 2 no’s & Capacity: 1,500 T,Design pressure: 13 bar, Thickness: 30 mm

**Qty: 2 no’s & Capacity: 1,500 T,  pressure: 16.57 bar, Thickness: 35.5 mm

**Qty: 2 no’s & Capacity: 1,500 T, Design pressure: 15.3 bar, Thickness: 33 mm

We offer our clients with efficient erection and commissioning services at reasonable charges. These services are being rendered by using advanced technology and sophisticated machines.

Here are some completed projects with Kosan Crisplant:

*EPC project with 24 scale filling plant at Mongla;Year 2016

*Supply of 8 unit of inline KCFILL1 machine – satellite plant at Feni- Chittagong;Year 2016

*LPG Satellite Plant at Bogura city; Year 2015

*EPC order for LPG Storage and bottling terminal at Chittagong with 24 scale filling carousel. ;Year 2013

*EPC order for LPG Storage and bottling terminal at Mongla with 24 scale filling carousel;Year 2013

*LPG Satellite Plant in Chittagong ; Year 2012

*25 MT LPG Tank with Safety Fittings & Valves with KCFILL 1 machine ; Year 2012

*LPG satellite Plant in Chittagong; Year 2011

*LPG Plant ; Year 2004

*LPG filling plant at mongla with 24 scale filling Plant in Mongla ; Year 2001

Our professionals are specialized in rendering erection and commissioning services as per the clients’ requirement. Their extensive knowledge about the entire procedures enables them to provide Cost effective, Authentic & Reliable services.

Here are some completed cylinder filling plant erection projects :

*Capacity: 200 Cylinders per hour (Year 2016)

*Capacity: 200 Cylinders per hour (Year 2016)

*Capacity: 100 Cylinders per hour (Year 2016)

There are some ongoing projects too. Such as:

**Capacity: 220 Cylinders per hour (from year 2016)

*Capacity: 200 Cylinders per hour (from year 2016)

*Capacity: 100 Cylinders per hour (from year 2017)

Other Solutions

Oil & Gas Division

The past two years have been a wild ride for investors in the world’s biggest publicly traded oil companies. It is an essential part to improve the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, and thus it has become a critical concern for many nations. Gas is also considered as a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption.
In our country perspective, Banglamark- Corporation has become one of the most notable platforms in the field of Project Management, Sales & Service of various Oil & Gas Plant, Gas Equipment & the support services associated with our projects.

Energy & Power Division

There is no shortage of energy being devoted to finding new and sustainable energy solutions. But new work scope also needs to be generated that will allow the grid to operate in a manner resembling the existing resources. Banglamark- Corporation paves a more organized way of assisting project management, generating more developed ideas, other support services in energy and power unit.

Engineering & Construct Division

Banglamark- Corporation has established a strong reputation for executing large complex projects and providing emergency solutions to our clients. Our approach towards construction management is cost-effective and we try to deliver projects on time focusing on budget, quality service and safety measures.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.