SNG-Synthetic Natural Gas/ Stimulated Natural Gas

SNG is a direct replacement for natural gas. In composition, SNG is readily produced by blending compressed air with vaporized propane gas (LPG).

Banglamark Corporation is working with Algas-SDI, who is  world’s leading provider of equipment for the standby and transportable fuels business for the last 80 years. Our partner Algas-SDI is creating high-quality engineering design and packaged systems, with distribution to more than 87 countries worldwide. Equipped with an experienced in-house engineering and design team, Algas-SDI ensures quality control with ISO 9001 certification and offers the requisite code compliance.


What is a Vaporizer?

  • A Vaporizer is essentially a boiler that does not build pressure.
  • LPG enters the vaporizer as a liquid and exits as a gas.
  • Vaporizers are an integral component in a variety of LPG and propane systems, and are suitable for any number of applications.
  • Vaporizers do not build additional pressure, but provide protection against the refrigeration affect that causes frosting and loss of pressure.

Based upon the above information, there are several key benefits associated with using a vaporizer:

  • Propane retailers benefit from being able to make less frequent, larger volume fills.
  • Using a vaporizer eliminates re-condensation of vapor in the supply lines that can create a hazardous situation.
  • Eliminates tank “freeze-ups” that result in production losses or delays.
  • Vaporizers allow you to utilize 100% of the LP-Gas in your tank/cylinder, decreasing delivery frequency and overall costs.
  • Eliminates heavy ends accumulations in tanks.
  • Provides a constant supply of vapor at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Eliminates distillation of LPG when vaporizing Propane/Butane mixes.
  • Allows you to significantly increase the capacity of your system without adding additional tanks.
  • SNG Backup Systems- Allow Industrial gas customers to a continuous fuel supply, allowing our customers to maintain fully functional operations while delivering flexibility
  • SNG Peak Shaving Systems of Natural Gas- used by Natural Gas companies and Industrial clients to augment their Natural Gas demand during peak demand periods. With SNG, we can make sure that essential services, like hospitals and schools, are never without gas.
  • SNG Base-Load Systems- used in areas where Natural Gas is currently unavailable, providing a bridge fuel or a long-term solution for an energy need.
  • In comparison to LNG, capital investment is lower for comparable output. There is no need to change the jets or burners of existing appliances, as SNG works exactly the same as natural gas.

Banglamark is working with many established company of the country and has supplied vaporizers of capacity:

25 Kg/h,

50 Kg/h,

100 Kg/h,

240 Kg/h,


We are also true to our after sales service.

Banglamark has achieved customers trust with its quality service and supply

Other Solutions

Oil & Gas Division

The past two years have been a wild ride for investors in the world’s biggest publicly traded oil companies. It is an essential part to improve the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, and thus it has become a critical concern for many nations. Gas is also considered as a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption.
In our country perspective, Banglamark- Corporation has become one of the most notable platforms in the field of Project Management, Sales & Service of various Oil & Gas Plant, Gas Equipment & the support services associated with our projects.

Energy & Power Division

There is no shortage of energy being devoted to finding new and sustainable energy solutions. But new work scope also needs to be generated that will allow the grid to operate in a manner resembling the existing resources. Banglamark- Corporation paves a more organized way of assisting project management, generating more developed ideas, other support services in energy and power unit.

Engineering & Construct Division

Banglamark- Corporation has established a strong reputation for executing large complex projects and providing emergency solutions to our clients. Our approach towards construction management is cost-effective and we try to deliver projects on time focusing on budget, quality service and safety measures.