From the construction of grass-roots petroleum refineries to the modification of existing facilities to minimize energy consumption and waste emission, we use our expertise to meet the specific needs of our clients around the world.

There are already over 200,000 LPG vehicles in the UK alone. In Bangladesh more than 5000 vehicles already converted to LPG. LPG is considerably cheaper than petrol or diesel, and converted cars also emit fewer harmful emissions than vehicles using traditional fuels, making it a cleaner and greener option too!

Autogas is LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a flammable hydrocarbon gas including propane, butane and mixtures of these gases. Autogas, liquefied through pressurization, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. Autogas is used as fuel for vehicles

At BANGLAMARK Autogas, we are providing safe, quality and reliable systems for all types of Octane powered Cars.

LPG fuel turns out to be a promising substitute vitality source in perspective of emanation diminishment and financial matters of activity. Outflow from LPG vehicle is like CNG vehicle and is better than that of unleaded Fuel.

LPG is commonly free of contaminants bringing about clean consuming and low testimony of carbon and varnish inside the motor which thusly and significantly enhances the life of the motor. Most importantly, LPG is aggressively priced when contrasted with petroleum. The approximate cost savings for LPG is evaluated to be around 25% when contrasted with other fuel.

BANGLAMARK’s LPG Autogas components are among the most reliable and durable in the market. Our modern design and advanced metering system should make them your first choice.


Benefits of Autogas

  • Clean fuel, significantly reduces harmful emission such as CO2, oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen and suspended particulate matter.
  • Saves up to 30-40% of fuel bill compared to petrol without compromising on driving performance.
  • Pure and Tamper proof.
  • Smooth and consistent vehicle performance.
  • Reduced engine noise and vibration.
  • Improved engine life and reduced recurring maintenance cost.
  • Conveniently located dispensing stations for easy filling.
  • Flexibility for dual use of Auto LPG and Petrol.


Quality Policy

  • To be a reliable and demanded company with an understanding of fully meeting the customer needs and expectations in all processes,
  • To follow and implement technological developments of the sector closely,
  • To increase the quality level continuously by paying special attention to team work in order to have all employees to become more efficient and such persons using their abilities at top level within the quality systems guidelines,

As always, we adjust to your needs. We can provide a full station solution, from the ground up. Or we can install LPG capabilities at an existing station, with our tank-and-dispenser options. Whatever your needs in this area, we can provide. BANGLAMARK provides design, engineering, supply and supervision of installation of LPG filling plants and gas stations. We also provide after sale maintenance support for customers.

LPG Componentry

We have a wide array of LPG componentry and spare parts available for sale. Our equipments have an unparalled reputation for performance, reliability and durability. It is only natural, then, that our components do too.

We fit the latest equipment from world leading manufacturers with a 2 (two) year replacement warranty for kits & 5 (Five) years replacement warranty for the cylinder. Importantly, our product follows UN safety regulation R67 and has been certified accordingly. BANGLAMARK Autogas is an organization licensed by Explosive Department and other authorities for LPG Conversion, LPG Storage and Distribution.


  • Compared to petrol, running the vehicle engine on LPG results in around a 10% increase in consumption.
  • Due to higher octane rating, the combustion of LPG is smoother and knocking is eliminated and the engine runs smoothly.
  • When LPG leaks past the rings into the crankcase, it does not wash oil from cylinder walls and does not generate black carbon. Hence, the lubricating layer is not washed away. Thereby, the engine life is increased by 50% Auto LPG is totally Lead and Benzene free and is cleaner and leaves no residue.
  • Due to the absence of carbon deposits on the electrodes of the spark plugs, the life of the spark plugs is increased.
  • Auto LPG vehicles can run 3 times the distance on a full tank as compared to CNG,
  • The conversion kits costs 50% less than a CNG kit,
  • LPG operated vehicle require less maintenance, as CNG kits are much heavier and impact vehicle suspension, and,
  • LPG kits are safer because of significantly lower tank pressure as compared to CNG. (CNG is stored at around 200-250 Bars pressure while LPG is at a pressure of 10-12 Bars, making it relatively safer).
  • CNG has limited availability and has major supply issues as it cannot be easily transported. On the other hand, LPG has a far better distribution and availability due to ease and safety in storage transportation.



Cylinder Size(Water liter) 60 Liter 60 liter 60 liter 60 liter
Cylinder weight in kilogram & pressure 65kg & 200 Bar 20kg & 7.5 Bar 10kg 15 kg
Fuel Capacity (m3) 15m3 45L 60L 60L
Fuel cost in Full tank filling 600.00 Tk 2300.00 Tk 3840.00 TK 5340.00 tk
Mileage in Kilometer(average) 100 km 380 Km 450 Km 485 Km
Mileage KM/1 Unit Fuel 6 Km/m3 8.5 km/L 7.5 km/L 8 km/L
Per KM Cost 6.00Tk 6.060 Tk 8.53 Tk 11.00 Tk
Filling Duration Everyday After 4 days After 4 days After 4 days
Filling time 5-10 mins 1-2 mins .5-1 mins .5-1 mins

TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS – You will get access to solutions suitable for specific cars being driven in particular weather conditions.

WARRANTY AND TRUST- You will get safe and well trusted components with homologations and extensive warranty terms.

TRAININGS –You will have access to trainings organized all across the world.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – You will get access to manuals and other resources available online 24/7.

MARKETING SUPPORT- You will get your workshop well branded, working clothes as well as other working materials and many more.


The Conversion Kits Package

DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is a specialist in providing tailor made autogas solutions using the best components. Our main focus rely on making sure that car drivers will get most suitable, safe, efficient and economical autogas system that will best fit their particular needs.

DIGITRONIC AUTO GAS offers extensive range of products beginning with tailor made mini kits and front kits using the best available components. We also provide wide range of auto gas spare parts including electronics, reducers, injectors, filters, valves, multi valves and many more, all from well-known and trusted suppliers.

We are providing

  • Autogas Conversion Kits for Multipoint Sequential System.
  • Autogas Conversion Kits for Multipoint Traditional System.
  • Autogas Conversion Kits for Three wheeler System.


Other Solutions

Oil & Gas Division

The past two years have been a wild ride for investors in the world’s biggest publicly traded oil companies. It is an essential part to improve the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current configuration, and thus it has become a critical concern for many nations. Gas is also considered as a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption.
In our country perspective, Banglamark- Corporation has become one of the most notable platforms in the field of Project Management, Sales & Service of various Oil & Gas Plant, Gas Equipment & the support services associated with our projects.

Energy & Power Division

There is no shortage of energy being devoted to finding new and sustainable energy solutions. But new work scope also needs to be generated that will allow the grid to operate in a manner resembling the existing resources. Banglamark- Corporation paves a more organized way of assisting project management, generating more developed ideas, other support services in energy and power unit.

Engineering & Construct Division

Banglamark- Corporation has established a strong reputation for executing large complex projects and providing emergency solutions to our clients. Our approach towards construction management is cost-effective and we try to deliver projects on time focusing on budget, quality service and safety measures.