This Code of Values & Standard of Conduct, is in addition to existing approved “Service Terms & Conditions” of the BANGLAMARK. It is mandatory for all employees to read and meticulously comply with the contents of this manual.

BANGLAMARK does its business based on the utmost integrity and mutual trust. In order to maintain and safeguard the trust and confidence among all the employees, the BANGLAMARK places paramount importance on the maintenance of certain standards of conduct. BANGLAMARKS’s standards of conduct are principally made up of certain rules, regulations and ethical principles. It is essential that all employees familiarize themselves with the contents of this manual and observe BANGLAMARK’s standards of conduct. This is in addition other specific rules and regulations that may apply at place of work as per regulatory requirement and will be brought to employee’s attention from time to time, during their employment.

The aim of this Code is to assist employees to perform effectively by ensuring the rules and standards of the organization are clearly communicated. The various sections of this Code summarizes the key policies and procedures in respect of behavior and the way you are required to work.

Due to the need for integrity and trust in our business and the rapidly developing nature of the business, it is not possible to set out standards of conduct in every situation. Therefore all employees should seek guidance from their reporting concern and competent authority of the organization, if they are in any doubt about the correct action to take in any situation.

A failure to abide by the standards of conduct may lead to appropriate disciplinary action as per service rule of the BANGLAMARK.

Roles & Responsibilities

Human Resources Division are required to:

• Monitor and maintain the Code.

• Provide advice and guidance to the departments and individuals and ensure that training and support is provided to employees.

Senior Executive’s roles are required to:

• Ensure that employees are aware of and understand the principles of this Code and their obligations in relation to the Code.

• Refer issues or non-compliance to Strategic Human Resources for action.

Employees are required to:

• Comply with this Code.
• Seek supervisor/manager advice and guidance when required.


The BANGLAMARK has a right to expect employees to work with a high level of efficiency, fairness, impartiality and integrity.

An employee’s prime responsibility is to demonstrate the core values of the BANGLAMARK at all times:

• Respect
• Integrity
• Trust
• Service
 Sustainability  Efficiency

 Empowerment  Consistency
 Stability
 Confidentiality • Accountability

In addition to demonstrating the core values of the BANGLAMARK all employees should demonstrate values of ethical and honest behavior; professionalism and responsibility; fairness and equity; learning and innovation; and collaboration.

The Code does not attempt to provide a detailed and exhaustive list of what to do in every aspect of our work instead it represents a broad framework that will help all employees decide on an appropriate course of action when faced with an ethical issue or professional decisions.

Who does the code apply to?

The Code applies to all employees of the BANGLAMARK. By accepting employment with the BANGLAMARK, employees must be aware of and comply with this Code.

Therefore, employees must:
• Engage in personal and professional conduct that upholds the reputation of the BANGLAMARK; • Apply the BANGLAMARK’s policies, procedures and guidelines;
• Act ethically and responsibly; and
• Be accountable for actions and decisions made.

What happens if an employee breaches this Code?

When deciding what, if any action should be taken in relation to a breach of this Code, each case should be considered on its own facts and circumstances.

The options to consider when deciding what action to take include:
• The seriousness of the breach; the likelihood of the breach occurring again; • Whether the employee has committed the breach more than once;
• The risk the breach poses to staff, clients or any others; and
• Whether the breach would be serious enough to warrant misconduct action.

Employees must report breaches of the Code by colleagues to their reporting concern. If the breach is by their supervisor or manager then it should be reported to the authority. Matters involving a breach of the Code may constitute misconduct and may be managed as a Professional Standards matter.

Roles & Responsibilities

Employees must be aware of the BANGLAMARK’s policies, procedures, guidelines and delegations, particularly those that apply to their work and/or their exercising of authority or authority to act. If employees are uncertain about the scope or content of a policy, procedure or guideline with which they must comply, they should seek clarification from their supervisor.

Employees must also be familiar with the legislation and/or regulations under which they are employed as this may specify requirements with which they need to comply.

Employees are expected to:

• Perform their duties to the best of their ability and be accountable for their performance;

• Adhere to all reasonable instructions and/or directions;

• Comply with lawful directions;

• Carry out their duties in a professional, competent and conscientious manner;

• Act in good faith in providing advice or service that is honest, impartial and comprehensive, irrespective of their personal views;

• Be courteous, respectful and responsive in dealing with their colleagues, clients, their families and members of the public;

• Work collaboratively with their colleagues; and

• Be mindful of their duty of care and safety of themselves and others; and be aware that if their conduct has the potential to damage the reputation of the BANGLAMARK, even if it is in a private capacity, this could lead to further action.

Every employee shall:

  •   Maintain peer group harmony and shall not bully, discriminate or harass other employees due to rank, position, gender, disability, religion etc.
  •   Not indulge in regionalism, favoritism, antagonism, polarization, degeneration, obstruct or frustrate team efforts, create hospitality, intolerance, resentments, internal feuds, sectarian feelings and coercive or favorite grouping.
  •   Feel responsible for career development by way of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  •   Not use for personal consumption of BANGLAMARK’s stationary, daily usable things and other workrelated facilities.

    Treating people with dignity and respect

    All employees have the right to be treated with respect, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this occurs. Employees are to treat their colleagues, clients, their families and members of the public with respect, fairness and consistency. Employees are to be courteous and sensitive to the needs of others and provide all necessary and appropriate assistance as practicable.

    Professional behavior towards employees and others

    As professionals employees must strive at all times to relate professionally to colleagues, clients, their families and members of the public and to act with courtesy and fairness. In dealings with others, staff should ensure that they do not prejudice the operations, security or reputation of the BANGLAMARK.

    In performing their duties, all employees must act consistently, promptly and fairly. This involves dealing with matters in accordance with approved procedures and in a non-discriminatory manner.

    Acts of unfairness involving favoritism, inconsistency or discrimination adversely affect morale and good working relationships and should not occur in the workplace.

    Respectful language in the workplace and in public

    Employees must use courteous and respectful language in their interactions with colleagues, clients, their families.

    Everyone has the right to expect that they will be spoken to in a reasonable manner by colleagues and managers. Coarse and obscene language is inappropriate in any Departmental workplace, as is sexual banter and suggestive language.

    No employee should tolerate such language and if witnessed, must report it to a supervisor/manager.


    BANGLAMARK is committed to providing its employees with a productive and positive work environment, free of any type of harassment. Reports of incidents or behaviors that undermine this commitment will be fully investigated and, if valid, could result in serious disciplinary action.

    Forms of harassment includes:

    •   Verbal harassment, such as derogatory comments or slurs
    •   Physical harassment, such as intimidation, violence, or threats of violence
    •   Visual harassment, such as offensive messages, gestures or pictures
    •   Sexual harassment, such as unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, or other verbalor physical conduct of a sexual nature.
    •   Undue compliments which is not related to job performance.

    Confidentiality, privacy and appropriate records

    Employees have a right to expect that their personal information is private and confidential.

    In acting with a high level of professionalism employees must ensure that information about their colleagues remains confidential and private. Employees should always exercise caution and sound judgment in discussing other peoples’ personal information with other staff.

    Normally information should be limited to those who need to know in order to conduct their duties, or to those who can assist in carrying out our work because of their expertise. Gossiping about other employees or unauthorized disclosure of private information (personal phone numbers, address etc.) is considered to be unprofessional and a breach of this Code.

    In relation to the maintenance of appropriate records, a record serves an essential administrative, legal and historical purpose. Records may be (but not limited to) emails, electronic documents, digital images and audio recordings, correspondence and files.

    Employees have a responsibility to create and maintain full, accurate and honest records of their work activities, decisions and other business transactions

    Managers and Supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that all employees reporting to them comply with their records management obligations. Employees must not destroy records without appropriate authority.

    Employees must maintain the confidentiality of all official information and documents which are not publicly available or which have not been published.


    Employees are accountable for any documents that they sign. Therefore, employees should carefully read all documents they are asked to sign. Employees must not sign a document, which they know is not factual.

    Employees must only sign their own name and must never permit or encourage anyone to sign a name other than their own.

    Employees must only use their own name when, for example, sending emails, and should not give the impression that they have the authority of another person without their permission. In addition, when using electronic signatures of a manager or supervisor, an employee must have their express approval on each occasion the electronic signature is used.

    Use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco

    The BANGLAMARK is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy workplace. Employees are responsible for ensuring that their capacity to perform their duties is not impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs, and that the use of such substances does not put them or any other person’s health and safety at risk.

    Employees must:

    • Not attend work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed and/or restricted substances;

    • Not endanger their own safety or the safety of any other person in the workplace by consuming alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed and/or restricted substances;

    • Notify their supervisor/manager if they are aware that work performance or conduct could be adversely affected as a result of the effect of a prescribed drug;

    • Take action to resolve any alcohol or other drug-related problems that exist (all employees have access to counselling support from the Employee Assistance Provider); and

    • Consult a supervisor/manager if there is concern about working with other employees who are perceived to be affected by drugs or alcohol.

    The BANGLAMARK has a responsibility to, so far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that employees, clients and visitors whilst at a worksite, are safe from injury and risks to health.

    Smoking is prohibited:
    • Within all official buildings; in all official vehicles; • In the project sites.