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  • Power Generation Product

Power Generation Product

Banglamark generators are the perfect solution wherever power has to be generated quickly, reliably and efficiently – whether on board of a ship or on an oil platform, in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or for renewables. Our generators for industrial applications covers a power range from 10 kva to 3500 KVA. Different series includes high- and low-voltage generators, Diesel Generator, NG/LNG Generator, HFO Generator, LPG Generator, Marine Generator. Our generators are optimized for power production and industrial applications and cover a wide power range. Choose from our product range of large generators for power production, industrial generators and marine generators.

Diesel Generator

Banglamark presents a reliable machine which relieves your tension and saves you from frequent power cut. Our Diesel generator is reliable for business centers, factories, industries & households for smooth and easy power supply which keeps your machines & other appliances on and active ranging from 10 KVA to 3500 KVA.

Main Features of Our Diesel Engines:

  • Fuel economy, operation on the cheapest fuel
  • Easiest possible daily maintenance procedures
  • Longest safe intervals between overhauls
  • Unlimited load patterns
  • Worldwide environmental regulations

We are authorized sole local agent of FPT industrial SpA for (30-600KVA) range.

Gas Generator

Our gas generator sets are fueled by natural gas, biogas or other gases and are perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s continuous, standby or prime power, power generation or combined heat and power production (CHP) ranging from 400 KW to 2000 KW.

HFO Generator

Our HFO power solution will give you cost effective power, ready when you need it, round the clock. The strategy is to provide you the best designed GenSet solutions that produce energy at the lowest possible cost per kWh without compromising on quality. Our Engines are applicable for land use HFO Power Plant and Marine Generating Set. Generating Set from 400kw to 2000kw.

LPG Generator

Our LPG generators sets are designed for power production in island or parallel mode with other generators and/or the utility. They are based on the R Schmitt Enertec M Series Gas engines. Generating Set from 40kw to 500kw.

Main Features of LPG Engines/ Gensets:

  • LPG is a cleaner fuel than heavy fuel oil
  • Electric power range 115 – 500 kW
  • Up to 42,7 % electric efficiency
  • Remote radiator
  • Plug and play type
  • Fuel options: Natural gas, Biogas, Wood gas, LP

Marine Generator

Our complete range of marine generator sets offers reliable and fuel-efficient electrical power generation for emergency gensets, onboard power, as well as diesel electric, and serial hybrid propulsion. For marine generator sets, we offer high efficiency engines that deliver exceptional reliability for maximum uptime. The benefits of choosing our engine are many:

Main Features of Marine Engines/ Gensets:

  • High reliability
  • High load acceptance
  • Increased uptime
  • Fully classified
  • Easy installation
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Low cost of ownership