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  • Electromechanical Construction

Electromechanical Construction

LPG Plant Erection

Banglamark is the pioneer of LPG plant design engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning projects in Bangladesh. We design, procure, supply and do the construction of LPG pressurized spherical tank with it's safety relief system and tank instrumentation to store the LPG properly. We also design, supply and commission the LPG filling carousel system, chain conveyor system, truck loading unloading, all piping and instrumentation, electrical motor and drives, fire alarm and fire fighting, earthing, PLC automation system of this plant to run the plant properly with. We also do annual maintenance of the plant with spare parts supply and installation with supervision. Almost 80% of the plants in Bangladesh is empowered by our equipment. Banglamark provide turn key solution with project management service for this explosive fuel solution.

Pipeline Erection


Petroleum Plant Erection

Petrochemical plants produce petrochemicals which are chemical products that have been converted from natural resources like petroleum or crude oil. Natural gas, shale gas or coal can also be the base resource for chemical compounds produced by petrochemical plants. End-user products that are made from petrochemicals include fuel, fertilizer or oils as well as everyday items such as credit cards, milk jugs or appliances.

Banglamark expertise in planning and constructing petrochemical plants. The main focus of Banglamark in this area is project development and EPC contracting. Regarding project development including Engineering Banglamark is responsible for project concept, technology assessment and construction to ensure completeness of scope and plant performance. Banglamark has experience as a general contractor or partner in international consortia and can manage and integrate all the main processes of constructing petrochemical plants. Banglamark is able to provide long-term quality management of petrochemical plants as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor.

Cement Plant Erection

Banglamark do the total Engineering, procurement and construction of Cement plant with consultancy. We do the construction of raw material loading unloading facility to hooper and conveyor system from jetty to cement production unit. We support for bucket elevator installation, electromechaanical installation as well as production unit establishment. All the allignment and survey we do very efficiently with perfectness. We provide design for civil and supervise the total project till handover to Client.

SNG and Autogas erection

Banglamark is one of the unique solution providers of SNG solution in Bangladesh. Thi is a very specialized solution for those Industries who are not getting enough pressure of Natural Gas in their factories. To run the whole process plant SNG solution is a unique solution instead of Natural Gas and petrochemical. We design the composition of LPG and compressed Air with required calorific value to run the burner. The calorific value is adjusted frequently and SNG is produced to meet the required demand of production process. We have installed a couple of projects in Bangladesh especially in Steel Industries AKS. This solution is the substitute of any fuel based burning system (Boiler) specially NG, LNG, Diesel etc.

Cylinder Manufacturing Plant

We do the total Engineering, procurement and construction of LPG Cylinder manufacturing plant with all machineries set up from decoiler to painting of cylinders. All the cutting, bending, dice making, guard ring machine, footer, body welding machines etc are installed and commissioned by us with proper specialized supervision. We do all the electrical and automation work to run the total system properly with proper safety measures. Painting arrangement, powder coating system, burner, LPG storage system, vaporizer installation and pressure regulation system is adjusted by us for proper process continuation at site. In a word we provide total turn key solution of CMP plant.

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