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Booking Platform

Flobooking is an international travel platform owned by BANGLAMARK Corporation. On this website travelers can buy air tickets, book a hotel, rent a car for city tour and so much more. Flobooking.com also offers some great offers such us planning a tour, suggesting hotel and flights for users and tourism information as well.

Flobooking specializes in exclusive travel services for family, group of travelers and corporate travel as well. Well integrated with map system a traveler can easily find places where to visit during their staying period. Acting as the ultimate guide for the tourists around the globe.

Our system has some unique features. We can track flights from our system. Flights can be tracked easily by putting the flight number on our system. Flights display the airplanes trips, duration of flight and flight data as well with graphical representation.

We can view or print tickets from our system. We need to input the PNR and then we can proceed easily.

We can find out our favorite activities around the world and we can also find great holiday places and details from them as well. Where a traveler can find details about where to go and what to do while travelling.

The user profile will be well organized where the person travelling will get to their full updates of travelling history. User will have special options like coupon to apply to booking. They will have Royalty card option to collect bonus points on each travel and use them where bonuses are applied.

Website: www.flobooking.com

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