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Online heavy equipment purchase is still an untapped market in Bangladesh and still fledgling concept in the whole world. Our aim is to become the exclusive full service buy/sell medium between buyers and sellers all the while satiating the needs of everyone involved. Our initial target is to capture the local market. We plan to not only create a limited geographical niche for itself and slowly make our way into the world stage. This will open up ourselves to newer heights in terms of prestige, reputation, partnership, sales and profits.

BAUMA WORLD (www.baumaworld.com) is one of the largest digital marketplace for construction equipment, machinery, commercial vehicles, earth moving equipment, lifting equipment, port equipment, spare parts and services.. Our platform allows buyers & sellers to interact, negotiate and close transactions in a timely, transparent and cost-effective manner. Currently we are operating our service in Bangladesh along with service team as well as we are developing others worldwide market along with partner's. It is a single platform to sell, rent of new/used heavy equipment as well as all kind of spare parts through it.

Website: www.baumaworld.com

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