• Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

BANGLAMARK successfully doing business and providing service into the complex and highly regulated industry that involves the production, transportation, storage, and distribution sector of LPG with a vast network of renowned partners. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a versatile and clean-burning fuel that is used in a wide range of applications, including cooking, heating, and transportation. As the world's energy needs continue to grow, LPG is becoming an increasingly important source of energy, particularly in developing countries where access to reliable and affordable energy is limited. LPG is a convenient and efficient fuel that is easy to transport and store, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. BANGLAMARK utilizing every scope of work following vital plan & execution and achieving reliability over the country with this particular sector. 

BANGLAMARK limited and our Strategic Partner pride themselves on providing innovative design concepts to the highest quality equipment, storage tank, filling equipment, pump, compressor, and more:

  • Total Engineering activities including Design, Drawing, supply & installation of LP bottling plant
  • Carousel system from 400 cylinders to 4000 cylinders per hour LPG cylinder filling capacity
  • Complete “turnkey based” LPG bottling plants
  • Complete range of LPG cylinders filling equipment
  • Modular containerized LPG plant
  • Extensive equipment supplies for the LPG plant
  • Reconditioning & recertification of existing LPG plant
  • Firewater system requirements as a per code for LPG plant
  • Innovative system development for operation & LPG plant
  • Cylinder revalidation plant
  • LPG transporters, including Bobtail and Road tankers
  • Training in the design & operation of the LPG plant
  • Complete range of equipment for LPG road tanker
  • Service for LPG filling plant & LPG station
  • LPG underground storage facility

LPG Filling Plant

LPG bottling plant is a plant where LPG is filled into bottles (cylinders) from storage tank to distribute among various LPG distributors. We undertake complete design, fabrication, erection, installation and commissioning of various plants on turnkey basis like as follows:

  • LPG carousel system for domestic cylinders
  • Chain conveyors and roller conveyor
  • Evacuation Unit
  • In line filling system for commercial cylinders
  • High accuracy filling machine
  • Mechanical Scales
  • Sealing machine
  • Cylinder inline washing and drying units
  • Cold test repairing tools
  • Hot air sealing machines

Filling Systems
Our concern is to provide complete solution Carousel system from 400 cylinders to 4000 cylinders per hour LPG cylinder filling capacity with different filling carousel system: Flexspeed, Universal Filling Machine (UFM), and KCFiLL1. Read below for more details about each machine.

Flexspeed-High Capacity Filling:
More than 4000 cylinders per hour on one single carrousel system. Flexspeed is the world's only high-speed filling system for LPG cylinders. By applying new and patented handling and processing techniques, the carrousel-based Flexspeed system ensures a continuous flow of cylinders throughout the system. The dynamic cylinder flow makes it possible to reach unmatched filling capacities of more than 4000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carrousel system. Designed for lean operation, Flexspeed brings gas fillers low production costs and low unit cost due to less equipment maintenance, better uptime and a reduced need for manpower. Cylinder maintenance costs are also reduced as the dynamic cylinder flow gives fewer damages to the cylinder surface during the filling process.

UFM-Medium Capacity Filling:
BANGLAMARK CORPORATION's solution for all round filling of gas cylinders in a flexible and competitive way is based on the UFM - the Universal Filling Machine. The UFM epitomizes KC's development philosophy: To deliver genuine value to our business partners in the shape of competitive, high-tech quality products. The UFM is the backbone of filling plants all over the world; efficient both as a stationary unit, built onto a chain or roller conveyor system or mounted on a carrousel filling system. The UFM is an extremely versatile, reliable, flexible and competitive filling machine based on either the electronic weighing principle or the mass flow principle. It has become a success all over the world as the natural choice for both new installations and as a replacement for worn-out mechanical filling machines. We have incorporated and improved the best properties from some of our most valued and thoroughly tested products. This has made it possible to produce a modular product at a competitive price - a highly flexible product with a number of advanced facilities such as data communication, where required. The UFM has a standard feature for communication with a PC system for collecting, processing and presenting data from the filling process.

KCFiLL1-Low Capacity Filling:

KCFiLL1 is designed for easy, safe and accurate filling of small amounts of LPG cylinders. It offers the best value for money on the market for low-capacity filling machines. KCFiLL1 makes accuracy affordable. As an electronic filling machine based on the same tried and tested components as our filling machines and systems for higher capacities, KCFiLL1 offers a safety level and a filling accuracy unrivalled in low-capacity filling - and at a reasonable cost. KCFiLL1 is conceived to be the primary filling machine for small-scale fillers or to function as a supplementary filling machine for larger filling companies with a need to fill small amounts of different-sized LPG cylinders. The patented KCFiLL1 machine is suitable for any type of cylinder and valve. It comes as a plug & play solution that makes installation both quick and easy. As it is simply hung by two suspension chains, KCFiLL1 can be installed anywhere and moved around according to need. Filling of small amounts of LPG cylinders has never been easier than with KCFiLL1. Designed according to BANGLAMARK CORPORATION's high standards, KCFiLL1 is safe and easy to operate, even for those without prior experience with LPG filling. As data communication, where required. The UFM has a standard feature for communication with a PC system for collecting, processing and presenting data from the filling process.

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Filling Systems
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Filling Systems
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Flexspeed-High Capacity Filling

LPG Storage Terminal

We, BANGLAMARK Corporation are one of the top EPC or EPS solution of LPG Storage Tanks in Bangladesh. The tanks are as per customer’s requirement and are designed as per ASME code. We provide with all accessories like safety fittings, tanker loading system, valves, pipelines, firefighting, water sprinkler, gas leak detection system etc. Tanks we provide are designed and documented as per customer’s demand. Materials and fittings used in the tank depend on tank capacity and its application. Tanks are manufactured from carbon steel plates, coated with high quality, modern, eco-friendly and anticorrosion coating, covered by a quality and durability warranty. In LPG sector mainly Spherical (200 MT ~ 6000 MT), Bullet (5 MT ~ 3000 M) and Cryogenic tank (Up to Capacity-240,000 m3) these three types of storage tanks are used. In Bangladesh almost of the all companies make spherical type storage tank. We have a big dominating power in this type of tank. We have provided maximum tanks in Bangladesh. We also provide the tank accessories such as- Ladder, Anchor, Colum, Welding Rod, Staircase, Sprinkler for fire etc.

Tank Automation System

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